Summer is a time for drinking lemonade on the back porch, watching your little ones run through a front yard sprinkler and then coming in from the heat to enjoy the cool, Arctic air and a glass of sweet iced tea. However, if your air conditioning is not working… summer loses its cool and sometimes so do you. Sitting in the miserable heat can make you cranky and quite frankly miserable. If your HVAC is on the blink and you are starting to feel like that melted witch from OZ, give Central Air and Heat Inc. a call. We are the air conditioner repair service Groveland FL loves most for a reason. We provide only the best, most affordable service at the fastest pace possible.

Need a Repair? Don’t Despair! Don’t Clean Up… Just Pull Up a Chair.

We have families and pets so we understand that when a sudden need arises that you may not be ready for company. We know that when we need to have company over unexpectedly that we rush all over the house trying to look like we keep it clean all the time. The truth is… that only happens on TV. So if your home is a mess and you are miserably hot… don’t clean up. Just relax. We will take care of your HVAC issue and then you can clean up another day when it is comfortable to do so.

When you are looking for the air conditioner repair service Groveland FL trusts most, we hope that you will give us the opportunity to serve you and your family. We hope that you choose us not only because we offer affordable, high quality repairs but also because we have a lot of heart behind what we do. We understand that your home is the place you depend on to help you go out and have all those adventures knowing that you have someplace safe and comfy to return to. It our passion to help you achieve this and make home sweet home… even more sweet.