Clermont gets hit with high temperatures during late spring and throughout the summer months sometimes going into the 100’s. It’s essential that your air conditioning is in good working order if you hope to survive the heat. AC repair service Clermont FL can keep your air conditioning functioning in its top condition during the entire summer.

Repair problems range from simple issues with the unit receiving power, dirty filters and evaporators, faulty compressors to blocked condensers and lack of refrigerant. Most of these issues are relatively easy to correct. The thermostat setting could also cause problems, requiring a subtle adjustment by a few degrees.

Your AC could stop working at its best due to anyone of the above listed issues. For instance, with a power problem the trouble could stem from a tripped circuit breaker or a blown fuse. Once these problems have been addressed the power could immediately be restored.

Dirty parts can reduce your unit’s performance considerably. Once the parts have been cleaned the unit should once again function at its optimum. Dirty condensers restrict the heat transfer from refrigerant to the surrounding air. Dirty evaporator coils prevent proper heat transfer making the air conditioner work much harder. Dirty filters allow the air in your home to be full of dust and allergens plus they reduce the air flow.

Lack of refrigerant means you have a leak. Refrigerant does not get used up just recycled. The leak must be repaired and new refrigerant added. Another issue that might affect your AC is uneven or inefficient cooling. These issues can be addressed by one of the following methods, adjusting the thermostat, balancing the system or installing a larger unit.

Our technicians at AC repair service in Clermont can diagnose any AC problem, repair it and have your AC working in short order. Schedule an initial AC examination so we can troubleshoot the problem. Soon you’ll be enjoying the summer in the comfort of your cool home.