Beat the Florida Heat

Anyone that has lived in Groveland for a while understands how hot it can get here in Florida in the summer. The effect of the sweltering heat is only compounded by the muggy and oppressive humidity that it is coupled with. Luckily, your home has air conditioning. There is nothing like coming in from the heat to a properly cooled home. That is unless your air conditioner isn’t working properly or stops working completely. We at Central Air & Heat bring the best air conditioner repair service to our customers in the Groveland, FL area.

The Best ac Repair Service Groveland FL has to offer

We have been bringing top quality service to our customers in Groveland for years. Our technicians are fully trained are properly vetted to ensure that they can remedy a situation that you may be having with your air conditioner service and also feel safe with them in your home. They professional, fastidious, and clean. They are always on time and will clean up any area where they have so that it looks like looked when they got there. They will also protect your furniture while they are working.

Flat Rate

Other companies give you an estimate and then change the price if they are at your home longer than they thought they would be. We don’t do that. We will give you a flat rate estimate that will stay at that price after the job is done. This is true no matter how long it takes our technicians to complete the job. If you have an emergency situation with your air conditioner system or it just doesn’t seem to be working correctly give us a call to schedule a flat rate estimate for your service. A properly functioning air conditioner will keep your home cool and save you money on your utility bills each month.