How Can Repairs Prolong The Life Of Your Equipment ?

I am sure at some stage you have all experienced instances where you have really be in need of your air conditioning system and it just isn’t producing the cool air that you have become accustomed to. Accompanying the warm flow of air from your vents, there is also a strange sound which seems to […]

Grovelands’ Best Choice for Tough Fixes

Are you having HVAC problems in Groveland, FL? Are you having difficulties in picking the best HVAC contractor ? Then you need not worry, we at Central, Air and Heating will sort out your problems. We have over 7 years of experience in the industry and assure quality service. Our main aim is to ensure […]

Tips on Choosing a Heat Pump Installation Service Provider

Making sure that you get the right technicians  to install your heat pump is extremely critical. Inexperienced technicians who have no knowledge of the latest technologies, can make errors while installing your heat pump.These errors may eventually cost you more money in repairs and maintenance. What to look for in a heat pump installation service […]

To replace your heat pump or not?

Have you been using your heat pump for more than 10 years and have come to the point where you need to make the decision of whether or not to replace your heat pump. Under most circumstances, if your heat pump has reached the 10-year mark and is giving your problems, it is time to […]

What causes constant breakdowns to your heat pumps?

If your heat pump is having regular breakdowns, then it is an issue that needs to be addressed quickly. You can consult any reliable heat pump repair service, and they should be able to zero in on the problem. Age of the heat pump If your heat pump is older than 10 years, then it […]

Expert Gas Furnace Installation

Proper installation of your air conditioning and heating system is important. Wrong installation will only lead to frustrations and waste of money. To install, always hire a contractor who has plenty of experience dealing with HVAC systems. HVAC Installation While buying a machine, remember, you don’t need the biggest system for your house; you need […]

Get Trustworthy Gas Furnace Replacement in Central Florida

Although Florida is known for its beautiful, sunny and warm weather, local residents know that winters can get cold, especially in the morning. Therefore, you need a reliable gas furnace to keep your family comfortable. At Central Air & Heat, we are dedicated to providing superior service for gas furnace replacement and maintenance for our […]

Reasons to Schedule a Gas Furnace Tune-up

In today’s tough economic times, we are charged with the responsibility of finding nothing short of the best. And that includes choosing high-quality products and identifying the most reliable service providers. Another critical aspect we can’t afford to ignore is maintenance. Investing in a gas furnace tune-up comes with numerous benefits. Cost Savings A furnace […]