HVAC problems in Groveland FL

Are you having HVAC problems in Groveland, FL? Are you having difficulties in picking the best HVAC contractor ? Then you need not worry, we at Central, Air and Heating will sort out your problems. We have over 7 years of experience in the industry and assure quality service. Our main aim is to ensure the quality provision and best products. Our client base includes residential properties, commercial properties, and newly built real estate. We offer a range of services and we want to sort all disturbing HVAC problems in Groveland, FL, and its surroundings.

Our Services

  1. Air conditioning

We understand that you value your home. A great air conditioner will ensure that you have maximum comfort in your home and working area. It is for that reason we have a variety of services tailored at ensuring that your air conditioning works with maximum efficiency. These services include:

  • Installation of AC
  • Maintenance of AC
  • Repair of AC
  • Turning up and replacement of AC
  • Air handler
  1. Heating

Everybody desires to have enough supply of heat in the house or office. Cold may have an adverse effect on your health; it is for this reason that we have services that focus on ensuring that there is an efficient supply of heat all year round. These services include:

  1. Indoor air quality

We spend a greater percentage of our lives indoors. Indoor air may have pollutants and impurities. To ensure that you have a sufficient supply of clean air, we have services that we will ensure that your air you breathe is high quality. This includes:

  • Installation and replacement of UV lights
  • Installation, maintenance, and replacement of dehumidifiers
  1. Ductless

This is the latest form of air conditioning. They are highly efficient as they don’t require much space. They can also be easily be controlled. In respect to ductless, we offer the following services:

  • Installation of ductless AC
  • Replacement of ductless AC
  1. Commercial services

We as a company appreciate our commercial customers. We value you as clients and it’s for that reason we have services tailored for meeting your needs.

  • Installation of AC and heating systems
  • Repair and maintenance of both AC and heating systems
  • Expert advice on which is the best equipment to buy and where to install them
  • Regular service to both AC and heating systems.HVAC problems in Groveland, FL, Emergency services:Machines are not perfect, due to one reason or another they tend to break over time. We understand machines can break down at any time, especially when it’s least convenient. We have a 24/7 service so that we ensure that you continue experiencing maximum comfort at home and at your business.

    I Need A Service, When Can I Call?

    We have received positive reviews. Our aim is to ensure that our customer has maximum satisfaction from our range of services. We are here to serve you and to ensure that your needs are met. You can never underestimate the value of great HVAC company, they will add that comfort into your life that you want. For more information, you can contact us on (352) 429-6200 for an estimate or when you need our services, anytime, day or night.