Heat Pump Service & Maintenance In Clermont, Groveland and the Surrounding Communities

The last thing you want to do is find yourself on a cold winter night without the comfort of dependable heat in your home. Without occasional heat pump service and maintenance, even small problems can quickly become a big inconvenience. Your heat pump is called on to provide summer cooling as well as heat when the temperatures drop, making sure that you get regular service is the best way to ensure that it is able to continue functioning properly.

At Central Air & Heat, our experienced service technicians can provide important maintenance procedures that are designed to make sure that your heat pump is not only running at its peak of energy efficiency, but that it is also ready to deliver reliable and consistent heating, when needed. Regular maintenance will also help protect your heating equipment.

We offer heat pump service and maintenance agreements that will help protect your HVAC equipment to help ensure you get maximum longevity from your HVAC investment. Preventative maintenance is an essential part of making sure that your heat pump is not only operating the way it should, but that it is also protected against unnecessary wear-and-tear. Your equipment works hard, so it needs regular maintenance to keep it in top condition. A heat pump that is maintained properly will be able to provide better energy efficient heating as well as more reliable performance.

Our service technicians are trained to provide a full maintenance plan designed for optimal efficiency and performance of your HVAC system. A service technician from Central Air & Heat will inspect your heat pump for signs of trouble as well as clean the condensate drain and condenser coil. The technician will also lubricate moving parts, measure air temperature differential and test the condensate pump. With expert maintenance and service, you’ll get more consistent heating as well as better energy efficiency for lower heating bills.