Gas Furnace Installation & Replacement In Clermont, Groveland and the Surrounding Communities

Florida weather can certainly be beautiful, especially when you think of the endless days of sunshine, gorgeous beaches and mild winters our state is known for; however, as any resident knows, winter can also bring chilly weather. While the cold temperatures might not last as long as our friends to the north will experience, they still require a reliable heating system to keep you warm and comfortable.

At Central Air & Heat, we offer fast, professional furnace installation and replacement. We have licensed technicians who will ensure that you get the furnace that is right for your home. Many homes currently have heating systems that are not sized properly, and this can lead to a multitude of problems. Don’t rely on replacing your furnace with a similar size unit, let a professional heating technician evaluate your home and show you the size furnace that will best meet your needs.

A furnace that is too large for your home will not only be a waste of money, because it costs more than a smaller, more appropriately sized unit, but it can also lead to problems such as short cycling, high heating bills, temperature swings and can even shorten the lifespan of your equipment. Of course, if you choose an undersized unit, it will have to run almost constantly trying to keep up with your heating needs. This can result in insufficient heating as well as extra wear-and-tear on your equipment. Additionally, it will almost certainly cost you more to heat your home.

The right size furnace is important for performance and efficiency. A reputable heating contractor will be able to help ensure that you get a unit that is sized properly for your home. They will also be able to provide expert furnace installation and replacement for the best energy efficiency and performance.