Air conditioners rarely malfunction and when there arises any break down especially in Florida, you need urgent repair service. AC problems are simple to repair but you may want to rely on the repair services of Central Air and Heat Inc. to keep your home comfortable.  Whether you need emergency repair service or simply looking for regular maintenance, consider the services of AC repair service Ocoee FL.

Common Repair Problems

Whatever type of AC system you have installed in your home, our technicians are professionals and know how to handle each kind of problem. An AC system is complex and after many years of usage, it is prone to frequent break down. If you do not have money for AC replacement, repair service is vital. The common AC problems that need repair include: compressor malfunction, freezing evaporator coil, thermostat problems, damaged fan, filter issues as well as duct system and insulation problems among many more. We highly advice our clients to rely on our technicians for quality repair service

Maintenance Service

Air conditioners require regular maintenance to maintain optimum performance. Maintenance includes cleaning ducts, replacing air filters, checking leaks or any other malfunction. While repair service is crucial, it is important that you organize with us for timely repair and maintenance plan. This is vital as frequent break downs may lead to expensive repair costs. For that reason, we recommend that you discuss with us and sign an AC maintenance plan contract that meets your needs.

Why You Should Choose Us?

We specialize in air conditioners, ductless systems, heating and indoor air quality for residential, new home construction and commercial AC repair services. With our qualified, experienced and professional technicians, be sure to get affordable, fast and timely repair service will last long. Central Air and Heat Inc. is dedicated to serving all our clients in Ococee, FL and its surrounding.