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The sole task of a thermostat, be it electronic or electromechanical, is to switch off the compressor when the ambient temperature inside the room containing an air conditioner drops down to a preset level and turn on the compressor when the temperature goes above a certain level. It also helps to reduce energy bills since the compressor consumes lots of power during the cooling mode. The electromechanical thermostat contains a bimetal strip that contracts and expands depending on the ambient temperature.

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This unit also contains a glass vial filled partially with mercury, which, on expanding or contracting due to the temperature, touches or moves away from the bimetal strip, thereby allowing or preventing power to flow to the condenser. A malfunctioning thermostat prevents these actions from taking place, thereby, increasing load on your AC’s compressor.

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The technicians of Central Air, a leading AC repair service Ocoee FL, will also inform you that a clogged filter does not allow chilled air to reach this electromechanical gadget, thereby, preventing it from breaking the circuit. They will first check the filter, clean it, and see if the power to the compressor shuts down after your room’s temperature drops to the desired level. If it does not, they will replace the faulty thermostat with a new one, which is the same as that used by the original equipment manufacturers. This ensures compatibility between the other parts of your AC. They will also provide you with a warrantee on the replaced component. They will replace it in the event it breaks down during the warrantee period.

Do not let amateurs service your AC

Instead of seeking the help of so called experts, who rarely use original spares to fix your AC, contact Central Air, the undisputed AC repair service Ocoee FL gurus. Their technicians, available round the clock, will service your AC and ensure that it provides you with faultless service.


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