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Although Groveland boasts of numerous companies that specialize in repairing air conditioners, I had yet to come across one that took pains to educate me about preventive maintenance. Apart from this, some shady agencies also replace working parts with cheap spares. It was impossible for me to understand this because I had no ideas about ACs and their functioning. Could this be the reason that my gadget kept on breaking down on a regular basis? Fed up of calling a particular service agency on a frequent basis, I asked by neighbor for some alternatives. He told me to get in touch with Central Air. According to him, this company is the best as far as AC repair service Groveland FL is concerned. He also provided me with details of their website.

Fast response

I browsed over to, noted down the contact information from it, and contacted Central Air. They noted down my address and contact details, and enquired about problems I was facing from my AC. Their technician arrived at my place in less than an hour and inspected my AC. He was horrified to note that my gadget hardly contained any original parts. He stressed the importance of checking if the technician of the service company used original spares and provided with a warranty on the same. He told me that the problem was due to a faulty and cheap thermostat and replaced it with an original one.

Peace at last

My AC is working perfectly although more than two months have passed since the ac repair service Groveland FL technician visited my place. I shall never contact any other AC repair company in the future. Did I forget to mention that the specialist also cleaned my gadget’s dust filter and the choked water drain outlet free of charge? This is what I call professional service.


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