Heat pumps are an excellent choice for HVAC systems. They pull double duty and have relatively high efficiency ratings. They also tend to last for a long while with proper care. At some point, however, they will have to be retired in order to give way to newer and better equipment. Let our team at Central Air & Heat, Inc. provide you with outstanding heat pump replacement service.

Equipment Selection

We will help you choose a viable replacement for your old heat pump. There are fantastic options out there right now. You will be pleased to see that the technology has improved tremendously since you last checked them out many years ago. There is a strong push towards higher energy efficiency both for environmental and economic reasons. It’s a great investment since you’ll save a lot of money every month due to the reduced consumption.

Reliable Installation

The performance of heat pumps will largely depend on the way that they were installed. A model can have all of the fancy features but it won’t work that well if the parts have been hastily put together. When we replace your system, we will make sure that everything is done properly from the removal of the old to the placement of the new. All connections will be checked. The end result will be tested before we leave.

About Central Air & Heat, Inc.

We have been serving Groveland, FL and surrounding areas for more than seven years. We will use our experience and expertise to provide you with the best service you have ever received. Our goal is to get approval from our clients by doing things right and serving with integrity. You can count on us and our 100% satisfaction guarantee. Call us at (352) 429-6200 and schedule an appointment today!