By now you know how much an investment a heat pump is. For one, you pay a costly upfront fee to have it installed; you also incur maintenance expenses as well as operation charges in terms of monthly energy bills. Maintenance is key and should any malfunction arise, please contact a professional HVAC contractor like Central Air & Heat to conduct repairs. We are dedicated to providing you with quality repair and maintenance work in Clermont, Groveland and the surrounding areas. That said, if you need more information concerning your heat pump operation and maintenance, call us today,

Why you need heat pump repair service?

You heat pump must be working throughout the year and mostly when winter and summer rolls. This continuous operation causes stress on the equipment resulting in wear and tear of parts and components. Our annual maintenance plan is highly comprehensive covering right about every detail of your heat pump. When your heat pump halts suddenly, be sure to know that a fix by a professional can restore the equipment back to normal. In the annual maintenance plan, our technicians will check the heat pump and conduct repairs where necessary, tighten loose connections, clean up the coils and the condenser as well as replace the filter. The technician will not leave without testing and fine tuning every component independently.

Calling our heat pump repair technician

While you may have an elaborate and well-rounded maintenance plan, that is just the primary line of defense and malfunction may occur without any warning. That is why our technicians are a phone call away from solving your heat pump problem. Once you call us, we will send one of our technicians regardless of the condition of the situation or time. With a maintenance schedule in place, a repair problem may occur just on time for repair. With over seven years of vast experience in heat pump installation, repair and maintenance, do call us today to schedule an appointment.