Though Central Florida does not experience harsh winters that other areas of the country do, temperatures can still become frigid for short periods of time. When the temperature drops, you want your furnace to work properly and provide you with the comfort you and your family deserve. You also want the backing of the professionals at Central Air & Heat for those times when your furnace needs repairs.

Service By Experienced Professionals

Today’s heating units are complex. Although some weekend warriors may try to do the job themselves, gas furnace repair is not a do-it-yourself job. It’s always better to have a trained, certified technician do the job for you. For one, a professional technician knows all the things that could go wrong with a gas furnace, can easily diagnose the problem and get your furnace working again quickly. At Central Air & Heat, our pros have the right tools for the job that will allow them to do the job right, giving you peace of mind. Highly pressurized metal pipes, extreme heat and combustible fuel also necessitate the need for experienced professionals to perform repairs safely.

Why Periodic Tune-Ups are Important

Tuning up your gas furnace can help you avoid costly repairs. During a tune-up, our technician will perform a full inspection, checking and lubricating all working parts. We will also clean your furnace of dust and debris, helping it to work more efficiently. If needed, we will also repair the furnace’s air filter and recommend repairs. Annual maintenance will keep your furnace safe and lengthen its operational life.

If your gas furnace stops working, you should immediately call us for repair. We service all makes and models for customers in Groveland, FL, and surrounding communities. For fast and reliable service, call Central Air & Heat today at (352) 429-6200.