It is important that you maintain your AC unit well so that you do not have to deal with the scorching heat of the sun. It is always recommended that you get a technician to inspect your air conditioner to ensure that it is functioning in top condition at all times. If you do not maintain the unit well, you may soon have to opt for a complete replacement, which can be quite costly.

Filters are an integral part of an AC. Generally, air filters last for only three months. However, during summer months you must check it every month to ensure that they are working properly. When your system is dirty, it is forced to push cold air through the clogged netting; this puts a lot of pressure on the air conditioner. If the dust inside is thick, there is no light permeating through the filter. If such is the case, you will have to decide whether it is enough to just clean the filters or to just replace them all together.

A home AC service will clean or change your filters when you call them. A clean and well-functioning filter is an imperative if you want your system to run well. Without this, you will have to end up paying a lot of money towards energy and maintenance costs. You can also ask your technician about tips to keep the filters clean.

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